We are WhatWeAre.

WhatWeAre is a consulting firm specialized in design and production of digital immersive environments.

We are a team of professionals with different backgrounds and with specific skills: user experience, system integration, architectural mapping, content creation, photogrammetry, software development for interactive applications, augmented and virtual reality.

Vivaldi. My life, my music.

"Vivaldi. My life, my music" is the first great immersive show telling the story of the life and works of Antonio Vivaldi, one of the best known and most played composers in the world.

This exhibition-show is introducing the great composer to a wide and diverse public, from lovers of classical music to everyone who is curious to learn more about the extraordinary life of the composer of the “Four Seasons”, who talks to the public with the voice of the great Giancarlo Giannini, Italian actor and dubber of the Hollywood stars.

Forgotten Future

FORGOTTEN FUTURE is a journey in Virtual Reality to discover the urban projects that have shaped, and are still transforming, the city of Bologna.

You will be transported in a 3D stylized environment, a virtual and poetic Bologna, which reflects on itself and how its future has been imagined and realized.
Because the future is a dimension that can - and must - be imagined and planned in the present, but taking the past into account. A dimension that can sometimes become not so visible and thought, perhaps neglected, and even forgotten.

Sit down, relax and let yourself be guided in flight.

KitchenAid Touchwall

Interactive touchwall designed and built in collaboration with Xilos GMBH for KitchenAid, at the international trade show Ambiente 2020 at Frankfurt am Main. 

ART CITY White Night 2019

Interactive projection mapping realized on the ground floor and the portico of Palazzo Fava for the event "Sturmtruppen reloaded", a live drawing performance event with cartoonists Tuono Pettinato and Sofia Bonvicini.

Istituto Nobile flight simulator

Flight simulator for the training center for professional pilots "Istituto Nobile Aviation College” in Rome.


AV integration project for YOOX Net A Porter headquarter.